Use Bright Knight Gel Pens To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!

Use Bright Knight Gel Pens To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!

Bright Knight Gel Pens are a premium quality product with numerous uses at school and in the home. The coloring pens come in an attractive yet functional display and storage case that allows you to select just the color you want quickly and easily. With 10 metallic pens, 6 pastels, 6 neons, 10 glitter pens and 4 regular pens, this product is great for school work, art projects, craft work and hobbies.

A variety of colours & a variety of types of pens.

A variety of colours & a variety of types of pens.

What you may not immediately realize is that Bright Knight Gel Pens can also help you to brighten up your wardrobe. The pens are non toxic, fade proof and water resistant, so why not use them to customize your clothes? T-shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers, dresses and even shoes can all get a new lease of life, or a unique finish that turns an ordinary t-shirt into a head-turning item of clothing.

Nothing is more annoying than when a favorite top suddenly picks up a stain that simply won’t wash out. Instead of throwing it away, draw a design over the offending area with Bright Knight Gel Pens. It can be anything to suit your personal taste and the style of the item of clothing – flowers, butterflies, animals, geometric shapes, slogans – whatever takes your fancy.

Design your very own T-Shirt using these waterproof pens.

Design your very own T-Shirt using these waterproof pens.

You can also disguise water marks, scuffs and scratches on your favorite shoes. Or maybe turn a plain pair of shoes into party wear with the help of the glitter pens. You can even decorate your shoes to match your gown. That’s especially useful if you can’t find just the right shade in time for that big party. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re going off on a hen party or a field trip from school or college, or even a shopping weekend with friends, buy some inexpensive, plain t-shirts in a neutral color. Then meet up at someone’s house, provide cheese and wine and work out a logo for your ‘uniform tops.’ You can have a great evening planning your logo and decorating the t-shirts, and they’ll serve as a souvenir to remind everyone of the great time you had together.

It’s possible to build up a whole wardrobe of unique or co-ordinated clothes with the help of Bright Knight Gel Pens. Use the glitter or metallic pens to create an original design for an evening top with a difference. Sketch random outlines in pastel on a plain black top or skirt to give it a classy, modern new look. Give a plain pair of trousers or shorts a new lease of life by drawing a colorful border around the bottom of the legs.

Bright Knight Gel Pens can transform your wardrobe for less than the cost of one decent classic piece, and the only limits are the limits of your imagination. Invest in a set of these premium quality gel pens and see how they can brighten up your day – and your wardrobe!

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