How To Take Surface and Room Temperatures With The TempIR Thermometer

How To Take Surface and Room Temperatures With The TempIR Thermometer

The application of infra red technology into measuring temperature has brought significant improvements in manufacture of thermometers.

With the help of latest technology advancements, TempIR Infra red thermometer can now measure your accurate body temperature in few seconds and exhibit the result in large LCD display, that too in a non-invasive way. This prevents any possibility of transmission of communicable disease virus and does not disturb the patient at all. The versatility of its application into other areas and its ability to store data is another big advantage.

As well as measuring body temperature, the TempIR Infra red Thermometer can also be used to read both surface and room temperatures.

1.  Turn the unit on by pressing the SCAN button once. Press the centre button to select Centigrade or Farenheit as your preference.

2.  Then press the mode button to select surface temp.

3.  Here we are going to measure the temperature of a glass of water. Hold the unit two centimeters above the water and press the scan button for about a second to take a reading. This option is very useful for measuring the temperature of bath water, particularly for babies.

4.  To take the temperature of a room, use the mode button to select ROOM. It is important that thermometer is allowed to acclimatize in room for about fifteen minutes.

5.  To take a reading hold the thermometer away from any surfaces and press the scan button.

6.  To turn the sound off and on, press the blue button on the right hand side of the unit. The screen will display whether the sound is either off or on.

The video has shown you the ease and simplicity of using Temp IR Thermometer in different applications. Manufactured with state of art technology, Temp IR thermometers come with life time warranty and of course, at a very affordable price. It is available at Amazon as well as our online website. All you need to do is to place your order now for this extremely essential and useful instrument for every household.

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