How To Take A Temperature With The TempIR Non Contact Thermometer

Instructions For Taking A Body Temperature

It is important to insert the batteries correctly as failure to do so will damage the product.

1.  First remove the back cover by pressing the release clip. In this unit the batteries are inserted in opposite directions with their flat negative terminal facing against the spring . When replacing the batteries always use a good quality brand and do not use rechargeables. Give them a quick twist to ensure a good contact and replace the back cover.

2.  Turn the unit on by pressing the scan button. Press the middle button to select centigrade or Fahrenheit as your preference. The mode button is used to cycle between body, room or surface options. To take a person’s temperature you will need to set it to ‘body’.

3. Before using the thermometer for the first time, allow it to acclimatise to the ambient temperature. This can take up to 2 hours.

4.  Body temperature readings are taken from the temporal region of the forehead a few centimetres behind the eye socket. Point the thermometer at the skin from between 3 and 5 cms and press the scan button for about a second. It is also important that the hair does not obstruct the reading.

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