Oximeter – How to Access and Set SP02 and Pulse Alarms

Oximeter – How to Access and Set SP02 and Pulse Alarms

In this video we will demonstrate how to access the menus and change the settings, Instead of just clicking, press the button slightly longer to open one of the 2 menus. One menu is for setting the sounds, the other, the alarm values.

To change between the menus, apply a longer press. Once you have selected the menu you want to change, further short presses will cycle the cursor through the options. A longer press is required to change the setting. Here we are turning the alarm off and on. Further short presses will move the cursor again. Access the alarm setting menu with a longer press then once again navigate with short presses.

For some people, the default settings may need to be altered. To do this make short presses to navigate to the yellow plus and minus sign. The longer press is used to select either plus or minus, then use short presses to navigate to the value you want to change. In this demonstration we are going to alter the value of the SP02 low alarm. This is done using the longer press, or holding the button down which will cause the value to change automatically. To increase the values, navigate to the +- option and select + with a longer press. Then return to the setting you want to change.

Once again holding the button down will cause the setting to change automatically and single presses will change the numbers one at a time. To return to the main screen, navigate the cursor to exit and apply a longer press.

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