Ear Thermometer – Fever Alarm, Memory and Cleaning

Ear Thermometer – Fever Alarm, Memory and Cleaning

This video gives you information about 3 of the functions of the TempIR Ear and Forehead Thermometer and also an example of how to measure the temperature of your baby’s bath water.

Fever Alarm

This digital thermometer has an automatic fever alarm. A temperature is generally considered normal if a temporal (above the forehead) temperature shows between 96.44 and 100.4 degrees in Fahreneit or 35.8-37.8 degrees in Centigrade. It should also be noted though that the temperature of the human body can vary during the day. It can also be different due to things like age, sex, type of skin and other factors.

When using the TempIR Ear and Forehead Thermometer you will find that if a temperature reading is above 37.5 degrees, the infrared thermometer will emit 7 rapid bleeps and the LCD screen will flicker, as you will see on the video. This is a warning for you to monitor the patient in case they have a fever and you may need to take some action such as to consult a professional.

Memory Function

One of the other useful features of this thermometer is its ability to store the previous 20 readings. This can be useful if you are worried about someone’s temperature being high, so if you need to go to the doctors you can show them the readings. To see the readings stored in the memory, you need to press and hold the F2 button for between 3 and 5 seconds, until the M is displayed. When you let the button go, the M will flash. By using further short clicks on this button the thermometer will display the previous readings showing their number first, then the temperature.

Cleaning the earpiece and cover

The protective glass over the lens and the sensors are the most important and fragile parts of the thermometer. We recommend that you clean the both the ear piece and the sensor before and after use. This will prevent cross contamination between different people using the thermometer. Also, it will prevent you passing on any germs that may have managed to get on to the thermometer. You can use a surgical wipe containing isopropyl alcohol if you have one. This is what we would recommend, but as not everyone will have these available, it is also acceptable to use a very mild household detergent and a soft tissue to clean the device.

The way to clean the thermometer is to remove the blue sensor cover first and after cleaning the earpiece, thoroughly clean the blue cover both inside and out, taking care not to damage the sensor lens. When cleaning the ear piece, make sure you thoroughly clean around it and gently wipe over its sensor. Replace the cover after both pieces are cleaned.

Additional Uses

An extra use for this thermometer is that it can take surface temperatures, for example it is important to know the temperature of baby’s bath water. There is no need these days to use the old ‘elbow’ test when you have a baby water thermometer. You can take the bath temperature by holding the thermometer between one and 2 centimetres – about half an inch above the water. Then press and hold the F2 button for about 2 seconds. 37 degrees centigrade is the recommended temperature for a baby’s bath.

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