Body Temperature Thermometer Calibration

Body Temperature Thermometer Calibration

The TempIR non-contact thermometer is calibrated and tested prior to shipping, the thermometer is designed to give quick accurate readings from the forehead, without the need to be invasive. On rare occasions, usually because of bad handling during shipping, re-calibration may be required.

If you are concerned that the thermometer seems to be inaccurate. (test by using a traditional thermometer) as a benchmark.

Follow these instructions to calibrate.

1/.Press the scan button and set to body mode

2/.Hold down the Mode Button and the C/F button together until you see the F4 screen then release.

3/.Use the C/F button to – by 0.1 of a degree each press and the mode button to + by 0.1 of a degree each press. You can calibrate here by adding or minus degrees up to 3.0c press the mem button to save changes.

Check again when this process is complete. adjust again until you are happy with the results, please note the non-contact thermometer may show small changes each measurement, this is normal, the thermometer is accurate + or – 0.3c

 Axillary/Forehead (°F) Oral (°F) Rectal/Ear (°F)
98.4–99.3 99.5–99.9 100.4–101
99.4–101.1 100–101.5 101.1–102.4
101.2–102 101.6–102.4 102.5–103.5
102.1–103.1 102.5–103.5 103.6–104.6
103.2–104 103.6–104.6 104.7–105.6

 Comparison of temperatures in Centigrade by method
Axillary/Forehead (°C) Oral (°C) Rectal/Ear (°C)
36.9–37.4 37.5–37.7 38–38.3
37.5–38.4 37.8–38.5 38.4–39.1
38.5–38.9 38.6–39.1 39.2–39.7
39–39.5 39.2–39.7 39.8–40.3
39.6–40 39.8–40.3 40.4–40.9

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